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Arrive & Drive Drift Training

From $54per driver (+ tax)

Our Arrive and Drive Drift School includes numerous exciting tasks and layouts, this teaches each student car control dynamics; where to position the car (best driving line), where you should be looking and what to do with the car's driving controls. 

Throughout each event, the course layout changes making it more challenging for the student as they advance.

The first stage is completing a full circle drift using the basic controls of the car.

During the second stage, we advance to the challenging art of transitioning. Here we train the student to transition the car from one drift to an opposing drift (in the opposite direction).

In the third stage, we introduce "clipping points", by taking what the student has learned in Stage One and Two by challenging them further. This involves testing their car control and implement coaching on how they can precisely aim the car to targets while still being in full control without spinning out. This exercise develops the student's hand-eye coordination, giving them more confidence behind the wheel when attempting to position the car to where they need to be when there is little to no rear tire traction. We may also introduce handbrake and clutch kicking techniques in this stage based on how the student advances. 

Note, drivers will advance to the third stage only after becoming comfortable with the first and second stages. 

Each event is  5 hours in duration, split between 5 drivers.

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