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Drift Control's Arrive & Drive program caters to car enthusiasts, new  and experienced drivers, race car drivers, stunt performers, emergency response drivers, corporate events, birthday parties, stag/stagette parties and much more. 

Our main priority is developing safer drivers for the street or track by allowing them to gain comfort and control behind the wheel when the vehicle's grip is lost. Many accidents can be avoided when a vehicle becomes "out of control". Most drivers tend to panic when their vehicle loses traction in a sideways motion. This "panic" results in the driver not using the proper techniques necessary to maneuver the vehicle to where they need to go. The driver now becomes the passenger and may watch in fear as to where the car is taking them. At Drift Control, we provide coaching techniques and seat time so that all drivers who enter our events leave with more comfort behind the wheel. Whether on the street, track or drift competition, our techniques will give the driver added confidence when the unpredictable happens. 


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From $549 (+ Tax)

Precision Driving Services

Arrive and Drive Drift School

We supply the cars, the course and the coaching. You simply arrive and drive!

Limited to 5 drivers total, per 5 hour event.

*Please review our FAQ section before registering. 

Need a pro driver?

We offer precision and demo driving services for media and exhibition events, R&D of new vehicles, R&D of vehicle components and much more. Whatever service you require, your vehicle(s) will be in responsible, confident and capable hands.  

Visit to view demo reel and portfolio

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