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Safety: Why knowing how to Drift is Important

Drifting a car properly has it's many advantages. The sensation you get as a driver and how cool it looks visually from outside the vehicle are not the advantages we're talking about. Instead, we're going to refer to life in Canada and how knowing how to drift a car properly is important for safety purposes.

Roads in Canada during the winters get really slick, even in some light snow falls. Additionally, in Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area, the traffic and accident avoidance possibilities increase dramatically mixed with the snow, slush and ice… For a lot of drivers, panicking in these situations is almost inevitable, which doesn’t always result in positioning the car safely to where it needs to be. Aside from weather, a sudden loss of tire pressure, mechanical failure, or even road debris (such as sand, gravel or dropped fluids from other vehicles) could also put a car into an unexpected drift, it's important to know how to handle the unexpected.

Rear-wheel-drive cars are not the most common driveline of vehicles on the road these days, knowing how to handle them in unpredictable conditions could save you your precious ride and passengers from a disaster.

Drift Control gives you the seat-time to understand the concept and practice the hand-eye coordination, our drift experience will make you a more comfortable driver in any situation on the road where the car loses rear tire traction (we also teach about losing front tire traction).

Drift Control absolutely does not endorse illegal street drifting. We encourage sanctioned motorsports (and participate in) of all sorts.

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With our Canadian winters, the safe control of a drift should be part of every drivers-education course. It’s great that you guys are making the skill accessible to the general public.

Drift Control Crew
Drift Control Crew
Mar 07, 2021
Replying to

Thank you, mitchromeo1, we love teaching drift while at the same time being a driving school for just about anyone!

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